Daftar Lowongan Kerja PT PERTAMINA 2023-2024 Untuk SMA/SMK

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PERTAMINA.com - PT Pertamina Job Vacancies 2023-2024 Graduates of SMA SMK STM MA All Majors Many BUMN CPNS PRIVATE LOCKER positions. PT PERTAMINA 2023-2024 BUMN Job Vacancies can be registered for this new period where Pertamina provides opportunities for Indonesian sons and daughters who want to have a career at Pertamina to work together to build and develop this company so that it will be more advanced in the future. and now is a golden opportunity for you where Pertamina opens job vacancies. So, for those of you who really want to work at Pertamina, you can see the full review below until it's finished.

Pertamina is one of the companies under the auspices of the State-Owned Enterprises, which is engaged in oil and gas and is one of the companies that oversees the distribution and production of oil and gas that is responsible for meeting the demands of Indonesian citizens.

This time we will discuss the PT PERTAMINA BUMN Job Vacancies specifically for SMA / MA / SMK graduates and the equivalent which we know that after graduation not all of them will continue to higher education and another option is to find work, so here the admin will provide information regarding the opening of Pertamina job vacancies, for those of you who are interested in wanting to work at Pertamina, you can register.

This Pertamina company is one of the state-owned companies that has quite a lot of demand every year, this can be seen from the increasing number of registration quotas, it's not surprising that in the selection later you will have to deal with thousands of other participants who also want to work at Pertamina. which is a challenge for all of you to always face it because this is not an easy matter.

The registration process is indeed quite strict and heavy in accepting Pertamina's new employees, this is intended because the organizing committee only accepts employees who meet the company's criteria and can and can be mandated with a large burden on these prospective employees to develop and optimize their work after being determined. working at Pertamina.

We know that almost all employees, both active and non-active, aka retired from Pertamina, have a fairly prosperous life or are quite well off, this is not without reason or reciprocity because Pertamina provides a large salary or work wage which is also balanced with the workload. which is quite large and quite heavy too, so if you want an easy job but want a big salary maybe Pertamina is not the solution.

As for some of the preparations that you should know, you really have to start early so that when the time of admission has arrived you are ready to deal with it and for an overview of the registration, here the admin has summarized some things that you should pay attention to in accordance with the opening of new employee acceptances, let's see until finished below:

Stages of Registration for PT PERTAMINA BUMN Job Vacancies

General requirements

Indonesian Male/Female
Physically and mentally healthy, not short-sighted and color blind
Has passed SMA / MA / SMK or equivalent
Already have a certificate or transcript that has been legalized
The average UN score is 6.5
Free of drugs and the like by attaching a certificate from the relevant agency and it is still valid
Free from criminal acts and the like by attaching a certificate from the relevant agency and it is still valid
Able to speak English both oral and written
Able to operate computer both Ms Word and Ms Excel
Willing to be placed in any work area in Indonesia

How to Register
If you meet the above criteria, you can directly register online through the official PERTAMINA website
After that, please follow the instructions given on the page until it's finished


Registration is open directly through the official nature according to the needs of the center
Announcements are made after all the selection stages are completed and will be announced through the official PERTAMINA website.

For the information above, hopefully it can serve as an illustration and reference for you and remember that the acceptance of new employees at PERTAMINA is free of charge in any way, so please be careful of fraudulent actions in the name of Pertamina. For those of you who are still confused or have not been given the opportunity to be able to work at Pertamina, you can try again in other job vacancies that the admin has summarized on other pages and for those of you who want to work in other state-owned companies you can see at PUSRI Job Vacancies for High School / Vocational High School Graduates.