Lowongan Kerja Jamkrindo 2023-2024

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Let's take part in a career opportunity at JAMKRINDO 2023-2024, when will JAMKRINDO open job vacancies. JAMKRINDO's career opportunities this time are for young, energetic and professional graduates specifically for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Let's look at the registration information and requirements to enter JAMKRINDO 2023-2024, the latest and most up to date.

JAMKRINDO (Indonesian Credit Guarantee) is one of the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) which is engaged in lending. Initially, it was a cooperative that changed its name 4 times, but still did not change the function of the company itself. JAMKRINDO itself aims to be at the forefront and be able to support the national economy. That may be a little history and development of JAMKRINDO that you need to know for those of you who want to work at this company.
Because JAMKRINDO is engaged in finance, of course it is very suitable for you graduates - the best graduates of the Faculty of Economics. In addition to later being able to improve expertise in the field of accounting and management, of course it can encourage or boost your career as a professional in economics. A distinct advantage for those of you who can enter this company. For now, there are indeed so many lending companies with certain guarantees, even because there are too many companies like this they are always competing to get customers who want to borrow from their company. To the extent that many are circulating among the public, with only a guarantee of a BPKB they can get a loan. But that is not so interesting when compared to JAMKRINDO, whose existence has been recognized by the State and has even become a State-owned company.

To be able to work at JAMKRINDO, of course, it is not easy, apart from the steps that we have to go through, it turns out that our value here is very calculated, and not everyone can register here, if the value is not sufficient as required by the JAMKRINDO company then you cannot register here. If the selection value alone has to be high, of course our competitors are great people who have high average scores. So for those of you who are currently still in college, if you want to work at the JAMKRINDO company, from now on you have to increase your value and intelligence to be able to compete in the JAMKRINDO world of work.

JAMKRINDO is a state-owned company that provides opportunities for energetic and professional young graduates to join and have a career with JAMKRINDO in improving the quality of credit guarantees and become one of the companies that contribute to the national economic sector with the following requirements:

Recruitment requirements

    Single men and women
    Minimum education S1 / S2 with study programs: Economics, Law, Computer Science and agriculture, graduates from PTN / PTS that are clearly accredited
    Minimum GPA is 3.25 for PTN and 2.5 for PTS
    Maximum age 27 years for S1 and 30 years for S2
    Able to speak English actively both orally and in writing
    Can use a computer at least MS. Office
    Preference will be given to those who have organizational experience
    Ready and willing to establish official ties
    Willing to be placed throughout Indonesia

Document requirements that must be completed

    Photocopy of ID card
    Photo size 4x6
    Photocopy of diploma and transcript that has been legalized
    Photocopy of NPWP
    Photocopy of certificate (if any)
    Photocopy of KK
    Photocopy of Deed
    Work experience certificate (if any)
    Salary slip from previous company (if any)

Those are the information regarding the recruitment of new employees of the JAMKRINDO company

JAMKRINDO's new employee registration schedule

JAMKRINDO registration usually opens in 2023-2024, therefore you need to open the official JAMKRINDO website at www.jamkrindo.com at any time or you can often open the website address to find out the latest information and schedule changes that occur at the JAMKRINDO company. this.


Announcement of each company usually gives an announcement 1-2 weeks after the registration process is over. So don't ever get tired of continuing to open or monitor the website addresses above.

Those are some of the requirements and conditions that must be completed in the registration for the recruitment of new employees of the JAMKRINDO company in 2023-2024, hopefully it will help you from not knowing to knowing. Through a very difficult selection stage, of course there are rogue elements who want to take advantage and seek profit here, for that we urge you to always be vigilant and be careful of certain people or institutions who act on behalf of JAMKRINDO. If you get an oddity or request for money from certain people, you better confirm it first with the official company JAMKRINDO. Do not let you become a victim or fraud committed by a number of people.

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