Lowongan Kerja PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang PUSRI 2023-2024

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PT PUSRI - Job Vacancies PT PUPUK SRIWIDJAJA PUSRI will soon recruit new employee candidates for 2023-2024. Again, the largest fertilizer company in Asia PT Pusri (Pupuk Sriwidjaja) is looking for the best candidate to join this company in its participation as one of the workers the largest company in Asia. If you are interested and have the intention to join and work for this company, then register immediately before the latest vacancy information from PT Pusri in 2023-2024 ends.

lowongan kerja pt pusri

PT Pusri (Pupuk Sriwidjaja) is a holding company for other fertilizer companies in Indonesia. The company, which is often referred to as the Pusri company, is located in the city of Palembang, South Sumatra. This company is the largest company not only in Indonesia but also the largest in Asia. Let us quote a brief history and background of this company so that you are clearer and know more about this company. The company was also established for the first time as a pioneer in the production of urea fertilizer in Indonesia since 1959 in Palembang, South Sumatra. The main objective of this company is to implement and support government policies in the field of economy and national development. As a national fertilizer company, PT Pusri is also in charge of carrying out trade, providing services and other businesses that are closely related to the fertilizer industry.

PT Pusri is also responsible for implementing each distribution and marketing of subsidized fertilizers to farmers to support food programs with priority production and the fertilizer industry for farmers throughout Indonesia. As a Pupulk company that is fully responsible for the national fertilizer industry, PT Pusri has undergone changes in management and authority which are closely related to government policies. That's a glimpse of the background of the PT Pusri Pupuk company, with a fairly short history and background, hopefully it will be of benefit for those of you who are in need of this information or for those of you who just want to know the background of this company, or maybe also for those of you who need this information. You will prepare for the interview selection at PT Pusri. Whatever the use of this information, hopefully it will always be useful for you and will be able to increase your knowledge about the background of this company.

After listening to the background and role of PT Pusri, let's think about how important a fertilizer company is for the development and growth of our farmers' production. Where there is agriculture there will definitely be fertilizer, where there is fertilizer there will also be a place to produce fertilizer. Isn't that amazing, who doesn't want to work at the PT Pusri fertilizer company! Every company will definitely recruit new employees, sometimes twice a year, sometimes once a year, but that will definitely be done to support all existing needs. And recruitment is also carried out when it is deemed necessary by the company.

Why choose PT Pusri? if you read this information along with the article from top to bottom, we think maybe you don't need to ask this anymore, but indeed not everything in this article provides answers to your questions, and we will try to complete the answers that you think still lacking. As a large company not only in Indonesia but also in Asia, of course it will be the hope of so many people to be able to join and work here, and this may be the main reason why you choose this company. Next is career path, of course your career path as an employee will be considered here, therefore if you can work here, of course do your job well. Of course we will never feel at home to work in a company. We happened to have visited the office environment of PT Pusri, and just entered the page, it was cool and comfortable we felt there, this is just the page, there are definitely other advantages provided by the company by its employees. and many others that we think you must understand very well about what other facilities provided by the company are.

Isn't it difficult to participate in the selection at PT Pusri? here we tell you, how the procedure to be able to enter and work at this Pusri. We happened to have tried to register for the recruitment of PT Pusri's new prospective employees, and it turned out that when we just registered, we had to face competition that numbered thousands of participants not only from South Sumatra but also all over Indonesia. This is only at the initial stage of registration or registration, not yet at such a strict selection stage, and according to information for the first selection stage carried out is the Psychological Test, which at this psychological test stage will work closely with Sriwijaya University to ensure that there will be no bribes in it. Then there will be medical tests and interviews, now we know the stages. We suggest that you don't feel inferior after reading these stages, if you have a high will we believe you are capable, keep trying and praying.

PT Pusri will again conduct recruitment for prospective employees and female employees in 2019. A largest fertilizer company in Asia is currently in need of new professionals who are energetic, have integrity and have high potential to be able to join together with PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja or Pusri. If you feel you meet the criteria as given by this company, don't hesitate to register immediately by sending your application through the specified methods.

Information on the latest job vacancies from PT Pusri, the largest fertilizer production company in Asia owned by BUMN in 2019.

General Terms

    Male or Female (Indonesian citizen)

    Physically and spiritually healthy

    Still single / not married

    Willing not to get married during the training period

    No family working in Pusri

    Minimum final education is SMA/SMK, D3 and S1 all study programs/fields of science

    The final average score for SMA is 7.00 and for D3, S1 a minimum GPA of 3.00 with a scale of 4.00

    Max age for SMA/SMK is 24 years old and max for D3 & S1 is 28 years old

    Able to speak English actively both orally and in writing

    Can operate computer well

    Ready to work in the work area of ​​PT Pusri Indonesia

How to register

    In carrying out the registration process at the PT Pusri company, there are usually 2 ways, the first is to register online, and the second is by sending an application via POS. This all depends on the provisions of the company concerned. And information can be obtained through the official website, newspapers and electronic media or through other media sourced from official companies.

    Whatever the registration stage, we urge you to always provide the best information about yourself so that the company will be more interested in you.

Registration Schedule

The registration schedule provided by PT Pusri for 2023-2024 does not yet exist, but it is estimated that vacancies will be opened in the range of this month 2023-2024 (At any time the schedule may change according to the provisions of the company. Announcements will follow the registration information that is included with the announcement information when.

Thus the information we can provide from PT Pusri job vacancies in 2023-2024, hopefully it will be useful for your career. Thank you for visiting our website, if you still need information on other job vacancies from BUMN companies for 2023-2024, you can find the information only through our official website page.