Lowongan Kerja PTPN 4 2023-2024

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Follow the latest information from PTPN IV which is intended for energetic and skilled young professionals. Information on PTPN IV this time is given to graduates of SMA/SMK/equivalent, D-3 and S-1. What are the registration requirements, follow the information on the recruitment of new employees of PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV in 2023-2024, here is the latest and updated information for PTPN IV.

lowongan kerja PT Perkebunan Nusantara 4

 PTPN IV is an abbreviation of PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV, which is one of the companies engaged in the plantation owned by BUMN. It should be noted that each company has a different background, although there are many plantation companies in BUMN but their backgrounds are not always the same. The following is the background of PTPN IV, the PTPN IV plantation company took over a plantation in the oil palm and tea sector which includes planting, breeding and maintenance to be able to produce industrial raw materials and other supporting commodities.

There are more than 33 business units managed by PTPN IV which are spread almost all over Indonesia. PTPN IV was formed or established in 1996, which was previously PTPN IV, which was established by a combination of large plantation companies including PTP IV, PTP VII and PTP VIII which are both engaged in the plantation sector. It took a long process to become a well-known and largest company like PTPN IV. Maybe that's all the background from PTPN IV that admin can give to you readers and job seekers.

At a glance why PTPN IV, yes, there are several reasons why PTPN IV. Indonesia has so many mountainous areas with cold temperatures that are suitable for The plantation, besides that Indonesia also has many lace plains suitable for oil palm plantations, this is of course based on the establishment of PTPN IV and provides great job opportunities for those of you looking for current work.

Apart from that, PTPN which already has the status as a state-owned company with a salary large enough to support a family and a promising career path is very interesting and sad to miss. Every year the recruitment of employees here is always there and job applicants here are always increasing, of course this proves that PTPN IV is very popular with many job seekers throughout the country.

If you are interested in joining PTPN IV, of course you need to read the continuation of this article and the requirements that you must have. Well, the admin might give a little picture of what the competition is like and the stages that many people say that wanting to enter a state-owned company is difficult.

Yes, the name is a state-owned company, PTPN IV is also a large company from a combination of several companies. In recruiting employees, of course, it is also not arbitrary, only those who have the skills, professionalism, high loyalty, experience and others who will be invited to join to increase the production of large companies. It's not easy to enter a state-owned company, let alone a PTPN IV company, the first one must be ready to compete with thousands of people, then you have to prepare the requirements that are determined later which many people say is difficult, the selection site starts from the initial interview, psychological tests, medical tests, etc., to the final interview stage. Hmmmm this stage is difficult.

That's why many people act on behalf of the PTPN IV company for certain modes because it is very difficult to enter here. So, that's the picture that the admin can tell you, it's better to prepare everything before participating in this intense competition.

PTPN IV, a company engaged in the plantation agro-industry business, will provide opportunities for you young, energetic and professional graduates to join PTPN IV in implementing and achieving its vision and mission by providing the following requirements:


    Male and female
    Physically and mentally healthy and not color blind
    Maximum age 28 years old
    Minimum education is SMA/SMK/equivalent, D-3 and S-1
    Have a good analysis
    The average score is 7.20 for SMA/equivalent, and a min GPA of 2.75 (PTN) 3.00 (PTS) for D3 and S1.
    Free from drug use attach a certificate from the relevant agency
    Attach a SKCK letter from the police
    Can speak English
    Ready to be placed in all PTPN IV working areas

Appeal from PTPN IV

PTPN IV does not open registration for new employee recruitment until there is information from the official website or from sites sourced from the official website or in the mass media. At the time of recruiting new employees PTPN IV did not cooperate with institutions/persons and did not conduct training on the pretext of the employee recruitment process. PTPN IV is not responsible for fraud and for parties who guarantee and promise to be able to work at PTPN IV in return.

Registration schedule

The PTPN IV registration schedule can only be done through the official website at www.ptpn4.co.id, and registration information is around 2023-2024. Information is subject to change at any time, keep up with the latest information on our website.

Announcements will be announced through the official website and announcements will be made about 1-2 weeks after the closing of the registration process. So for those of you who have registered and are waiting for the results, please visit the official website.

Thus information on the recruitment of new PTPN IV employees, hopefully it can help you in finding information on the PTPN IV 2023-2024 Job vacancies. Continue to be vigilant and be professional people in looking for work, not easily deceived by things that make you deceived. If you can be deceived, it is certain that your professionalism is in doubt in a company, so be smart in looking for work. We will update the latest information from PTPN IV 2023-2024, continue to monitor our website throughout 2023-2024.

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